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A visual journey into the success, failure, disillusionment, destruction, reformation, epiphany and chaos of a landscape architect in training
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because you are so beautiful.

faheva rebl0g

because you are so beautiful.

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Visual Encyclopedia

Our first project that kickstarted the semester at RMIT, was to design our very own Visual Encyclopedia.

To cut it short, a Visual Encyclopedia is a compendium of your views of the world, or the things you are interested in, and represented through a series of 60 or more images you have found or photographs you have taken. As a reader, a what (it is you are lokoing at) how (you may go about researching this information, etc) and why (is it applicable or important to you personally, in general or even career wise) must be evident.

I will admit that finding a certain thing I was interested in, with enough substance was incredibly difficult. But I finally landed with this idea of Chaos. It seemed that everything around me was a repeat, or an innovational creation. Nothing seemed new anymore. Repetition through physical boundaries and time itself. For example, fashion repeats, ye olde day styles and what not are back in demand, while dresses, regardless of how short they may be or the style, will always be considered a dress.

And so I did a bit of research into the theory of chaos (how) in an attempt to find out whether if it was at all, possible to be different or create something completely new (what). To me, creating places people can only dream about but have never seen in real life is what appeals to me. How can I design something so special, that separates me from the rest of the world? (Why).

Of course, my brief studies came to a halt when I realised that Chaos was merely a ‘state of becoming, rather than being’. Regardless, I carried on with making my very own Visual Encyclopedia. I even made the cutout embellished title! (Note, the title on the front cover is pretty abstract, but it refers to the idea that everything is made out of the basic shapes of life. Hence, even letters take on the form of circles, squares and triangles.)

Here are a few images of and from the book I made.
Enjoy :)

(My favourite set of images from the book. The same expression, from two completely different species. Even nature has mimicry, similarity.)



Okay, so I made this blog to keep track of all my projects, but one would first have to stay on track with all my projects. Oh dear.

I promise I’ll be posting up some things within this coming week since all of our assignments are due in the next few days (provided I survive!)

But I just wanted to let you know I was still here, and I’ll be back soon



The beginning

Hi there, I’m Alexa :)

21, born and bred in Melbourne and studying at the University of Melbourne while making a single subject appearance at RMIT.

This here, is a welcome to my own personal journey through the successes (hopefully) and failures (more likely), of my third and final year as an undergraduate student trying to major in Landscape Architecture.

Often, this blog will consist of my incessant and incoherent ramblings of the world around me; a natural ailment to the process of my own thinking. But at the same time, semester work may also be found.

I hope you stay for a bit, and if you’re keen for a chat, any break from study is more than welcome.

Here’s to the next 14 weeks of tears, anxiety, joy, sleeplessness and lots and lots of tea. If you are a designer yourself, I am sure you are only too familiar with this ;)

See you on the other side!